Thursday, October 13, 2011


1) What you have learnt in Semester 2?
I have learnt much from this project in Semester 2, from process thinking when building a building(Aesthetic Design, Functional Design and the Craftsmanship and Material), to critical thinking in solving problems of the building, to researching and applying them on my building design. We also get to experience what a real life architecture and building designer is like.
2) Difficulties Encounter
The project was generally smooth and simple, however there was once that my sketch-up crashed in the middle of me building the design, causing me to start from scratch.
3) How did I overcome these difficulties?
I shut up and carry on with life by redoing it.
4) How do you think you can do better?
I think I'm at the peak of my performance already with the time and tools provided to me, however more platforms of more precise, real and complicated building design software can be provided to make the design more realistic.

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